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We are an award-winning, not-for-profit theatre company committed to supporting emerging and mid-career artists. We provide artists with a platform, magnifying their artistic voices and bringing their work to audiences. We bridge the opportunity gap for mid-career artists by creating space to innovate, community with which to collaborate, and the resources to produce the best new work they have to offer.




With every show, we work to justify the medium of theatre by embracing what is most unique and engaging about this ancient form of storytelling. We ask ourselves, why is this a play? Is theatre the best medium through which to tell this story?

We seek to use all theatrical elements in our productions in order to celebrate the blend of intimacy, immediacy, and urgency that only this form offers. We use the stage to tell stories that cannot be told in any other way.




The definition of the word Poet is “a person possessing special powers of imagination or expression.” We believe it is time for more people like that to come together and take action.



Tomer Adorian

Artistic Director

Alison Preece

Producing Director


Danielle Bourgeois 
Tomer Adorian
Farrah Crane
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